The publications database hosts a selected list of books, articles, and chapters produced for our research projects or core research areas by our affiliated faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and invited collaborators. Citations are linked to author profiles, abstracts, and publication information to enable greater access to the research.


A selection of video resources from our public lecture events is available on the website. To view the full library of recorded lectures, visit our YouTube channel.

WISDOM Database

The Worldwide Instances of Symbolic Data Outlining Modernity (WISDOM) is an open-access database illustrating evidence of the material, behavioral, and symbolic aspects of the construction of the human niche from the middle to the late Pleistocene and their relation to assessing and interpreting the emergence of wisdom.

Digital Scholarship

Production of digital scholarship resources is currently underway. Open-access ebooks featuring a sampling of the Center's research will soon be made available here.

Scholar Spotlight

The Creative Spark book cover

Theology and Ecology book cover

Religion in the Anthropocene book cover

Wisdom of the Liminal book cover