Humility, Wisdom, and Grace in Deep Time

Dates: Dec 01, 2015 – Jun 30, 2019
Prinicipal Investigators: Celia Deane-Drummond and Agustín Fuentes
Support: John Templeton Foundation; Notre Dame International Global Collaboration Initiative

Humility, Wisdom, and Grace in Deep Time

Project Aim

Project Activities

  • Multidisciplinary Symposium in South Africa, 2017
  • Research publications

Project Summary

The focus of the project is an advanced symposium entitled "Humility, Wisdom, and Grace in Deep Time: A Conversation between Theology and Evolutionary Anthropology," under the auspices of the John Templeton Foundation's Humble Approach Initiative. Invited participants include Rebecca Ackerman, Lee Berger, Andrew Robinson, Wentzel van Huyssteen, Oliver Davies, John Hawks, Wendy Black, Jayne Wilkins, Karen Kilby, Jan-Olav Henriksen, John Marks, and Penny Spikins. 

The big questions to be addressed in this project connect with an existing project on the evolution of human wisdom that asks where did wisdom come from and how did it begin? The symposium expands on this research and asks what might be the relationship between the virtues of wisdom and humility and could the latter be tracked in the evolutionary record along with wisdom? In examining these questions, the project probes the extent to which the integration of theological approaches shapes, facilitates, and changes the answers to these questions. The project also explores the experience of grace as a way of understanding the complex way religious experience emerged in deep time.

Project Events