Adams Willows

Postdoctoral Research Associate (2015–17)

Adams Willows


Ph.D., Theology, Durham University


Adam Willows specializes in philosophical theology, with particular interests in normative ethics, virtue, free will theory, and philosophy of religion. His work so far emphasizes the potential for philosophical and theological traditions to interact, often to mutual benefit. His doctoral thesis was a study of how theological thought on the virtues is well placed to respond to philosophical criticisms of virtue ethics.

His research at the Center focused on moral exemplars. Thought on the virtues stresses the importance of wise role models who can guide us in developing a good character. However, accounts of human development indicate that individual experts are only one of the many ways we learn from each other. Willows' work aims to show how other kinds of exemplars – fictional characters, children, animals, and whole communities – can contribute to a more complete account of moral development.

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Human Distinctiveness

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