Fionagh Thomson

Postdoctoral Research Associate (2017–18)

Fionagh Thomson


Ph.D., Institute of Education, University College London
M.Phil., University of Cambridge
MSc., University of Edinburgh
B.A., Robert Gordon's Aberdeen


Fionagh Thomson is a medical and environmental ethnographer with an interest in how to create the space and time with participants to think through and describe their everyday lives – focusing on what people do rather than what they think they do. She works with video, camera, and conversation. Fionagh's background is in visual anthropology, educational philosophy, environmental and medical ethics, human geography, and forestry. Current interests include different representations of the ‹"body" in medical spaces, the extension of human senses through tools/technologies, and philosophical hermeneutics (Hans Georg Gadamer and Don Idhe). Her projects are transdisciplinary and involve professionals working outside academia, including clinicians, lab scientists, designers, engineers, and artists. Fieldwork locations include the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, the islands of the Scottish Hebrides, and the consulting spaces of UK hospitals, and patients' homes. Her current research on the Developing Virtues in the Practice of Science project focuses on the ethnography of everyday laboratory scientific practices and virtues.

Selected Publications

  • Thomson, Fionagh. “The Mirror and the Lake.” Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences 5.2 (2018): 239–64​.​


Developing Virtues in the Practice of Science

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