Terrence Ehrman, C.S.C.

Terrence P. Ehrman, C.S.C.

Ph.D., Theology, The Catholic University of America
M.Div., University of Notre Dame
M.S., Biology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.S., Biology, University of Notre Dame

Fr. Terrence Ehrman, C.S.C. is the Assistant Director for Life Sciences Research and Outreach. He has a concurrent position as a professional specialist in the theology department, teaching Science, Theology, and Creation. Fr. Terry, who has training in aquatic ecology and systematic theology, enjoys studying the “ecotone”, or boundary, between science and theology, particularly in the area of theological anthropology as it relates to evolution and ecology. 

His biological publications include articles on organic matter budgets and particle transport in streams, and his interdisciplinary articles have been on evolution and providence and on ecological conversion. During the Spring 2017 semester, Fr. Terry delivered a six-part lecture series entitled 'A Broader Vision of Reality: Integral Ecology within the Great Lakes Watershed.' Watch online

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