Bharat Ranganathan

Postdoctoral Research Associate (2017)

Bharat Ranganathan


Ph.D., Religious Studies, Indiana University
M.T.S., Religion, Ethics, and Politics, Harvard Divinity School


Bharat Ranganathan studies religious ethics and moral and political philosophy. He also has longstanding interests in method and theory in the study of religion and the philosophy of religion. His current book project, On Helping One's Neighbor: Religious Ethics, Obligations to Others, and Severe Poverty, draws from conversations in Christian ethics and moral and political philosophy to develop a demanding account of obligations to assist the severely poor. Ranganathan will be researching the biological, ethical, and theological implications of environmental degradation. Drawing from Pope Francis's recent call for an integral ecology,ΠRanganathan will focus on issues concerning the introduction of Pacific salmon to the Great Lakes. Developing a grammar that draws from biology, ethics, and theology, Ranganathan's research aims to offer normative proposals that are morally cognizant of the interconnectedness of all life.

Selected Publications

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