Celia Deane-Drummond

Center Director

Celia Deane-Drummond


Ph.D., Theology, Manchester Victoria University
B.A., Theology, Trinity College, Bristol
Ph.D., Plant Physiology, Reading University
B.A., M.A., Natural Sciences, Cambridge University


As the inaugural director, Celia Deane-Drummond provides the strategic vision for the Center, implementing this vision through research grants, project activities, and events. She is Professor of Theology with a concurrent appointment and teaching responsibilities in the College of Science at Notre Dame. Trained as both a scientist and a theologian, Celia is uniquely positioned to carry out the objectives of the Center's research agenda focused on the dialogue between theology and the sciences. She is the author of numerous books, edited collections, chapters, and articles, including The Wisdom of the Liminal: Evolution and Other Animals in Human Becoming (T&T Clark/Bloomsbury 2014); Christ and Evolution: Wonder and Wisdom (SCM Press 2009); Genetics and Christian Ethics (Cambridge University Press 2006); and The Ethics of Nature (Blackwells 2004). For her full CV, click here.

Selected Publications

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Animal Rights Revisited." In Ecotheology and Non-Human Ethics in Society: A Community of Compassion, edited by Melissa Brotton, 25–42. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2016.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "The Art and Science of Vocation: Wisdom and Conscience as Companions on a Way." In Vocation Across The Academy: A New Vocabulary for Higher Education, edited by David Cunningham 156–77. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Beyond Separation or Synthesis: Christ and Evolution as Theodrama." In Darwin in the 21st Century: Nature, Humanity and God, edited by Phillip R. Sloan, Gerald McKenny, and Kathleen Eggleson, 355–79. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2015.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Biology and Theology: Contemporary Issues." In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion, edited by Niels Gregersen. Oxford: Oxford University, Press, 2016.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "The Birth of Morality and the Fall of Adam through an Evolutionary Inter-Species Lens." Theology Today 72.2 (2015): 182–93.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Deep History, Amnesia, and Animal Ethics: A Case for Inter-Morality," Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 67.4 (2015): 263–71.

  • Deane-Drummond, CeliaEcology in Jürgen Moltmann’s Theology, 2nd ed. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2016.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Empathy and the Evolution of Compassion: From Deep History to Infused Virtue." Zygon 52:1 (2017): 258–78.

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  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Laudato Si' and the Natural Sciences: An Assessment of Possibilities and Limits." Theological Studies 77.2 (2016): 111–14.

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  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Moral Origins and Evolutionary Ethics: Navigating the Maze in Conversation with J. Wentzel van Huyssteen." In Human Origins and the Image of God: Essays in Honor of J. Wentzel van Huyssteen, edited by Christopher Lilley and Daniel Pedersen, 201–24. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2017.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Moving us Forward?" In Verbs, Brains, and Bones, edited by Agustin Fuentes and Aku Visala. 260–72. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2017.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Performing the Beginning after the End: A Theological Anthropology for the Anthropocene." In Religion in the Anthropocene. edited by Celia Deane-Drummond, Sigurd Bergmann, and Markus Vogt, 173–87. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2017.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia, and Michael Spezio. "Philosophy, Virtue, and the Practices of Science." Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences 5.1 (2018) 1–4.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Pope Francis: Priest and Prophet in the Anthropocene." Environmental Humanities 8.2 (2016): 256–62.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Practical Wisdom in the Making: A Theological Approach to Early Hominin Evolution in Conversation with Modern Jewish Philosophy." In The Evolution of Human Wisdom, edited by Celia Deane-Drummond and Agustín Fuentes. Lanham, MD: Lexington Press, 2017.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. A Primer in Ecotheology: Theology for a Fragile Earth. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2017.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Remaking Human Nature: Transhumanism, Theology and Creatureliness in Bioethical Controversies." In Religion and Transhumanism: The Unknown Future of Human Enhancement, edited by Calvin Mercer and Tracy Trothen, 245–54. Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2015.

  • Deane-Drummond, Celia. "Rivers at the End of the End of Nature in the Anthropocene: Ethical Trajectories of Grand Narrative or Dramatic Accounts of the Place of the Human." In Rivers of the Anthropocene, edited by Jason Kelly, Philip Scarpino, Helen Berry, James Syvitski, and Michael Meybeck. Oakland: University of California Press, 2017.

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  • Fuentes, Agustín, and Celia Deane-Drummond, eds. Evolution of Wisdom: Major and Minor Keys. Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing, 2019.


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