Charlene Brecevic

Graduate Student Scholar

Charlene Brecevic


B.S., Biochemistry, University of Colorado
B.A., Philosophy, University of Colorado


Char Brecevic is a graduate student pursuing a doctoral degree in History and Philosophy of Science and a graduate minor in Gender Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Her research primarily focuses on scientific representation. In particular, she focuses on questions concerning the function of exemplification and the role of interpretation in representational practices. What, if anything, demarcates scientific representations from other kinds of representations? Are the representational virtues needed to produce superior scientific representations for scientists the same representational virtues needed to ensure nonexpert understanding of scientific ideas? Can we approach ethical and practical concerns associated with applied science by shifting the focus away from the representation-world relationship to the representation-audience relationship? If yes, to what extent and in what way should the epistemic contributions of nonexpert audiences be considered? Char addresses these kinds of questions in her research, aiming to provide both theoretical and practical insights into the ways scientific representations are presented and interpreted in broader, nonscientific contexts.


Developing Virtues in the Practice of Science

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