Marcus Baynes-Rock

Postdoctoral Research Associate (2015–18)

Marcus Baynes-Rock


Ph.D., Macquarie University
B.A. (Hons), Archeology/Anthropology, James Cook University
B.A., Archeology/Paleoanthropology, University of New England


Marcus Baynes-Rock is an Australian anthropologist. His academic interests lie in the relationships between humans and other animals, including these relationships throughout evolutionary history. Marcus' research has led him to Ethiopia where he studied the unusual relationship between people and spotted hyenas in the ancient city of Harar, which is the subject of his recent book, Among the Bone Eaters (Penn State University Press, 2015). Within the John Templeton Foundation funded Human Distinctiveness project, Marcus investigates how animal domestication reflects a profound shift in the human niche. By examining processes of domestication in Australia where native species are being farmed, and comparing these with indigenous Australian ways of being in the land, he seeks to understand the ways in which domestication reconfigures human ecologies. His current research is the subject of his blog Among Animals and a forthcoming book to be published by Penn State Press. 


On fieldwork assignment, contact via email only.
Blog: Among Animals
Twitter: @hyenachow

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Human Distinctiveness

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