The Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing (CTSHF) was a research center at the University of Notre Dame from 2015 to 2019.

During this period, the CTSHF sought to attract research projects of significance for the dialogue between the sciences and the humanities, projects that promote new scientific research and new theological and philosophical reflection in light of this exchange. Its research foci were the big questions surrounding origins, natures, and futures, questions that are of interest to scientists, theologians, and philosophers.

  • ORIGINS – theology, philosophy and anthropology, evolutionary biology, astrobiology, physics
  • NATURES – theology, philosophy and ​anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, biology, genetics, social science
  • FUTURES – theology, philosophy and global ethics, new technologies, ecology, sustainability


Since the Center's inception in 2015, its mission was to foster innovative, transdisciplinary research at the intersections of the natural sciences and humanities, to equip scholars on the vanguard of this research, and to shape the public conversation.

The CTSHF's work was motivated by the search for wisdom in service of the common good. The modern world is dominated by an accumulation of knowledge about the world and its history. However, less attention has been given to integrating sources of new knowledge in light of centuries of human experience and to drawing on the different forms of wisdom that arise from this process. By bringing the natural and social sciences, theology, and the humanities together to explore the big questions of ORIGINS, NATURES, and FUTURES, the CTSHF sought to gain transformative new insights – for the academy and beyond – into what it means to be human and to live well and responsibly in the world. The Center was inspired by the particular wisdom of Catholic philosophy, theology, and social thought, though not limited to that religious tradition as part of the process of respectful dialogue with the sciences.

The Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing was a part of Notre Dame Research.


During its active years, the CTSHF's aims were to:

  1. Initiate intellectual advances in theology/philosophy and the sciences through transdisciplinary research projects
  2. Strengthen the international profile of the University of Notre Dame and to build capacity for future research
  3. Catalyze research collaboration across disciplines and academic centers and institutes at the University of Notre Dame
  4. Support students interested in working at the intersection of theology, philosophy, and the natural and social sciences
  5. Shape the public conversation on theology and science through the popular dissemination of research